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Life in our little house on our little street continues to move in a circular motion and frankly, I’m getting tired of dwelling on the covid stuff. But then again I want to remember this later on so I can see how God has worked through it for good (and I know He will), because right now it feels like the weeds are so tall that I can’t see the sweet smelling grass under my feet. I know it’s there, my toes are on it – but nope, can’t see it.

In the midst of this pandemic, and after realizing that we would not be traveling either this summer OR next, we began looking a little closer around our little house on our little street. She’s well loved and well broken in and at close to 40 years old, she was needing a little (as in a lotta) work done. And so began the slippery slope into dreaming on Pinterest and the beauty of others homes vs budgets and reality.

I can’t wait to write about all of it, but for now, we have no kitchen. Well, we kind of do…the fridge is in the dining room, the stove is in the hallway, and the coffee pot is in my bedroom. But each day something new unfolds, both good and bad. The new cabinets: good! The plumbing issues: bad! The new sink: good! The broken ice maker: bad! I will say, it’s fun to watch the whole process and I’m having a great time with it all.

I’m currently furloughed from my job (another covid casualty 🙄) and have taken to podcasts while hiking my favorite trails in order to pass the time. You’d think I’d lose weight but all it does is take some of the guilt out of my later afternoon tv watching while I eat a bag of chips. Usually with dip. But what it really does is to help curb my sharp tongue, which seems to emerge when I’m idle…or when I have a houseful of boys around.

My current fav podcasts: Family Secrets, 10 Things To Tell You, and Home Cooking. All make me want to go the extra little loop so I can finish an episode.

As for food: the Nocino has been bottled and should be ready to drink around Christmas time. The garden tomatoes have been so incredible this year – both our family and the rodents have loved them equally well. Our friends and family have been feeding us during this time of no kitchen, and I’m loving sitting in (and gleaning ideas from) other peoples ‘secret gardens’.

While the house is a mess, the garden is not. It has some extra additions right now (our kitchen table and chairs and bar stools and a dishwasher) but we’ve slowly started having socially distant cocktails WITH REAL LIVE PEOPLE. Lovely, and needed. Much, much needed.

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