Monday, Monday

This morning I had every intention of sleeping in since it’s a beautiful day off of work – but nope, my body clock is set on waking when it’s barely light out because it has a major case of FOMO. (fear of missing out). I mean, what if I miss the trash truck rumbling by? Or the neighbor who sweeps the street each and every day? Or those few minutes of absolute light perfection as the morning sun shines in through the kitchen window? Or the quiet before the day begins?

I’m also getting used to our morning coffee being an experience rather than a simple push of a button, thanks to this beauty. We’re in a different stage of life and there isn’t the need for everything to be simple and quick like it did just a few short years ago…which is what happens when the babes grow up. I’m choosing to settle in to this season and while I (really, really) miss the chaos of having a houseful of boys, I also love that I can wake up, take a shower and sip an americano without raising my blood pressure…or my voice. 😎

We ventured out for a few errands today – scored two new suits for my suit loving guy that I like so much, went in search of new vinyl records for my favorite Christmas gift ever (a groovy record player) and realized that by keeping all our high school records we are sitting on a gold mine. Or like a couple hundred bucks…but that’s a gold mine to me. We found a hole in the wall cuban restaurant for lunch and made it home in time for the mobile dog groomer to bathe BuddytheDog, folded the laundry from three days ago that’s been sitting in the dryer and did a quick fridge clean out in prep for groceries that should’ve been bought today but will now wait for tomorrow.

There might’ve been a little Animal Crossing too. 🤪

This was a weekend full of food and friends, including a Peruvian feast on Friday night that was so amazingly delicious that I’m still thinking about it. I’m reading Stanley Tucci’s new book – he’s just the coolest. We watched Spencer, which I hated with all my being, and also watched The Proposal because it seemed fitting to watch something with Betty White and it was necessary to watch something I’ve seen and knew I would like. 😊

Tonight for supper – the perfect Sunday supper on a Monday. Grilled (huge!) NY Strip steaks, baby red potatoes with rosemary (roasted in the oven in a cast iron skillet) and a big green salad. Nothing fancy (except the wine!), but easy to throw together and easy to clean up. Easy being the key word for meals while I find my cooking mojo again.