Vacation Mode

We vacation well. Really well. We realize that there are trips where we need to see and do as much as possible and trips where we need to rest. To sit. To sleep. To move as little as possible.

Hello, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!

This trip was one of those trips….the not moving kind of trips. I mean, we moved from the morning (coffee and mexican pastries) to the afternoon (the pool, napping, floating, cocktails) to the evening (lazy suppers, cocktails, planning the next day so it looks the same as the last day did) to the nighttime (sleeping just enough so we still need to nap).

Yeah, we vacation well.

It just felt right to not go anywhere this time around and although there is lots to see in this area of Mexico, we’ve decided that all those things will still be here the next time we come. 😎

We did venture to downtown Playa Del Carmen one afternoon to do some shopping and eat tacos…and by tacos, I mean cochinita pibil. Pork tacos…the kind where they wrap a whole pig in banana leaves, bury it and roast it overnight. Our friend found us a locals place, literally on the side of the road next to a gas station and it was unbelievable watching them make tacos while we sat and waited. We are so used to everything being fast and perfect and, let’s face it, boring, that we forget to settle in to real food being made the old school way.

It. Was. Amazing.

On our way back to the resort, we asked our driver to take us to a shop where the locals shop….I was on the lookout for a tortilla press (yes, you can buy them online…but I’d rather have the memory ) and he pulled off the road at this small store that was so packed full of great finds that you could hardly walk. They spoke no English and were quite possibly the nicest people ever and we had so much fun searching for treasures.

Other than that one venture out, we didn’t leave the resort except to walk to the next hotel over for a rapid covid test to get back to our home country. Why would we?

Re-entry to real life wasn’t exactly hard…it’s much easier to come home when your children are grown-up’s – but it was still rough. There was the lovely tropical stink that came home with all our clothes, the fridge was empty, the dog was needy and the credit card bill was waiting. All I wanted was room service delivered and one more ‘iguana’ – a melon margarita with a tajin rim. Sigh. Is it too soon to leave again??? 😊